The Aquaperfect Soft epilator combines highly effective hair removal with pain-free technology, resulting in perfectly smooth skin. For wet or dry use, it features a desensitizing system with a vibrating head, making hair removal a pleasurable, pain-free experience every time.

Référence : EP9350E0


The Aquaperfect Soft epilator takes the pain out of hair removal.

Its innovative desensitizing system numbs the skin while the soothing action of water prevents the skin from overheating. With its patented micro-contact technology, it ensures perfect contact with the skin every time, in even the most sensitive areas and on the shortest hair.

The result is smooth skin and a pain-free experience. Complete with a hydromassaging head, 360° rotating exfoliating brush, a shaving head and a special attachment for sensitive zones, the Aquaperfect Soft is the last stop in epilation.

Technical specifications / comparison

Advanced Micro-contact Technology    
High-precision tweezers    
Pivoting head    
Tweezers 24  
Speed settings 2  
Patents 2  
Head technology Painfree vibrating head  
Soft Sensation Technology    
Massage system    
Dermatologically tested tweezers    
Attachments 5  
Shaving head    
360° rotative Massage head    
Body exfoliating brush + protection cap    
Additional included accessories Bikini comb, Sensitive areas accessory, Brush  
Areas Legs and Body  
Wet and Dry use    
Vision light    
Removable head    
Washable head    
Cordless use    
Charging indicator (if applicable)    
Autonomy (if applicable) 40  min
Power source Rechargeable  
Voltage 220-240  V
Power 4.75  W
Power cord length 1.5  m
Battery type Lithium ion  
Colours Blue  
Recharging time (if applicable) 1  h



The armpit is a delicate area to remove hair from, because its skin is thin and sensitive (it is common to see red spots in the area after hair removal) and not very accessible to the epilator head. Although it might be easy to guide the epilator on the leg surface, on the armpit it is much more difficult because this is a concave spot and it is sometimes necessary to press the epilator head against the skin for it to be effective. In the figures below, we show the appropriate movements to achieve armpit hair removal without any inconvenience. Please remember that the "sensitive areas" accessory which clips on to the epilator head should be used when removing hair from the armpits.
No. The appliance may not be used on the face.
A Class I appliance must be earthed (and has only one insulation layer). A Class II appliance does not necessarily have to be earthed because it has two distinct and independent insulation layers.
It is better to avoid sun exposure and sea bathing immediately after epilating, because the skin is sensitised. And if you are planning to epilate, the same advice applies, do not expose yourself before, so as not to have a too sensitive skin.