Since 1909, Rowenta is a renowned brand.
Here are the key milestones of its history.

from 1884 to the 1960s The origins of the brand

In 1884, Robert Weintraud, an industrialist from Offenbach, sets up the company Weintraud & Co GmbH, which produces office supplies, smoking accessories, lamps, and clocks.

Robert Weintraud Photography

Robert Weintraud


In December 1909 he establishes the Rowenta brand, inspired by his name.

Rowenta grows quickly thanks to its refined designs and high-quality products.

refined designs
and high-quality products.
With household appliances

With household appliances featuring cutting-edge technology, it successfully launches new products.

  • First

  • First

  • First


Launch of the first thermostat-controlled iron with ceramic heating elements.
New logo.

the 1960s to the 2000s Focus on innovation

  • KG-22 cafetiere

    CODE NAME: KG-22

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    Rowenta launches a product that goes on to become a best seller: the KG-22 cafetiere. Better known as the Filtermatic, the KG-22 features a hot plate to keep coffee warm. Incredibly user-friendly, the KG-22 owes its success to its remarkably rapid performance for the time (1 liter of coffee in just a few minutes) and to its streamlined orange and white design which looks stylish on every table. 1.1 million cafetieres are sold in just 8 years!


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    In the 1970s, Rowenta establishes its reputation for attention to detail, quality, and elegance. As the brand of choice for household appliances, it expands its portfolio to include the first vacuum cleaners: upright vaccum cleaners, floor polishers, and steam cleaners. Rowenta makes major contributions to the extent that the brand is now synonymous with technological innovation and performance.


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    Rowenta launches the first all-in-one vacuum and cleaner in 1976: the Bully. It vacuums both water and dust (it vacuums up water but does not wash). Every detail is carefully considered to make it as practical as possible: vertical vacuum, large capacity, 5 multi-directional wheels, high power suction, and integrated noise reduction technology. It's the beginning of the vacuum revolution! More powerful than ever before, the first vacuum cleaners quickly become a flagship product for Rowenta. As a result, the company focuses on more elaborate and lighter designs.


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    Alongside its other activities, Rowenta invests in the growing personal care industry. Its first electric toothbrush is the top seller in Germany for many years. Design, technology, and performance are the watchwords for a Rowenta product – exactly as their founder had imagined.


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    At the start of the 1990s, Rowenta launches the DE800 and DM800 professional irons, which go on to become the iconic iron and a great success for the brand. On a constant quest for innovation, Rowenta launches the Surfline iron in 1991. With this, the brand offers a new innovation: the "Heat and steam" system provides continuous heat and steam meaning you do not need to wait for the iron to re-heat.


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    Hair styling appliances start a new trend in the 1990s. The desire to follow fashion is beginning at an increasingly younger age, with young adults wanting to style their hair like their favorite celebrities. Thanks to a consumer approach based on studies and observations of the major global fashion trends (poker straight, glamorous curls, natural blow dry), the Group develops a full range of semi-professional hair styling tools.


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    In 1994, Rowenta invents Dymbo, the first compact vacuum cleaner: it can be carried on your shoulder and has the same high performance as a large appliance. Impossible to vacuum the corners of the room? The triangular head for the Delta System arrives in 1997.


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    Rowenta develops a new soleplate, Laser, which is very strong thanks to a new process used to harden the stainless steel. A system of holes to concentrate and diffuse the steam makes smoothing more effective.


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    Named Infinium, the Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaner represents the very essence of power, technology and design. The designer, Dick Powell, focussed on ensuring that every aspect was visible at a glance. With smooth lines from it's cover to the Delta Activ head and transparent removable container, Infinium features Air Force System technology, inspired by the aeronautical industry. It stands apart from any other category thanks to its power and futuristic design.

developing Rowenta on an international scale

Rowenta left a lasting impression on demanding consumers who were captivated by the quality of the products and innovations.

from 2000 to today Rowenta affirms its values

  • Design

  • Rowenta stands out for the design of its products.

    of its products.

    It also establishes partnerships with leading brands.

    with leading brands.

    Its products are at the forefront at major locations and events.

    at major locations and events.
    • in
      Rowenta is honored for its Brunch range, created with designer Jasper Morrison.
    • since
      Rowenta has worked with Elite Model Look to offer an exclusive hairstyling range.
    • in
      Rowenta gets involved with this great fashion event. The top stylists use Rowenta products backstage.
    • in
      the Steampod straightener is released into hairdressing salons after five years of research conducted with L'Oréal.
  • Ecolabelling

  • Rowenta is committed to minimizing the impact of its products on the environment, while maintaining their high performance level

    of its products on the environment,
    while maintaining their high performance level

    A challenge to match its ambitions

    • in

      the Rowenta Eco Intelligence range is launched with the objective of reducing energy consumption while maintaining performance.
    • Rowenta works together with the WWF on this range to protect the environment throughout the lifecycle of its products.
  • Ease of use

  • Rowenta invests in research for new product design to guarantee optimal ease of use without compromising on results.

    new product design
    to guarantee optimal ease of use without compromising on results.
    • for
      15 years
      Rowenta has worked on reducing the sound level of its products in each product area.
    • The Rowenta Silence AC Sensor hairdryer, 5 times quieter for improved convenience, is successfully launched in
    • With 62 dB(A), the Silence Force Extreme is "the quietest vacuum cleaner" on the market.
    • Silence Steam. The name of the new Rowenta steam generator sets the tone, with the sound level lowered by 15 decibels.
    • in
      Soft Extreme takes the pain out of epilation. Volum'24 Respectissim provides all-day volume while caring for your hair.

2014 Technology to embellish life


A new signature to highlight the brand's DNA: embellishing life with high-performance technology that provides perfect results.