The superior-performance Perfect Line hair clipper is made for the most demanding men. Highly efficient and built to last, it features a robust motor and a titanium-coated blade, for a perfect haircut every time.

Référence : TN1350F0


The Perfect Line hair clipper combines superior cutting performance with exceptional durability for a perfect haircut and beard. Built to last, it features a titanium-coated moving blade and an extremely robust AC motor.

Its corded function guarantees constant steady power without the risk of a dying battery. Six fixed combs offer various hair-cutting lengths from 3 mm to 25 mm for perfect results, while the adjustable beard-comb keeps facial hair in top form, as well

Three micro-settings can be adjusted for added precision and a flawless finish. Compact and easily stored away in a practical case, it's a man's perfect travel companion.

Technical specifications / comparison

Blade material Stainless steel  
Blade coating Titanium  
Motor speed (rpm) 3000  
Speed settings 1  
Blade technology Professional quality  
Minimum cutting length 0.6  mm
Cutting length indicator Comb  
Micro setting adjustment Blade trigger  
Zones Hair + beard  
Hair comb type Fix  
Number of Hair combs 6  
Hair cutting length adjustment range 0.6 to 25  mm
Hair cutting length positions 19  
Beard comb type Micro setting  
Beard cutting length adjustment range 1 to 5 mm  
Beard cutting length positions 9  
Corded/cordless Corded use  
Storage Case  
Colours Black + Red  
Voltage 220-240  V
Power 10  W
Motor type AC MOTOR  



No. It is advisable not to use the clippers on yourself - this is for safety reasons and also to ensure a better finish.
No. The clippers cannot recharge and be in use at the same time.
It is advised to use the hair clippers on clean but dry hair.
Before using the clippers for the first time charge the appliance for 14 hours. The next 3 times you use your clippers, it is important to let it run-down completely. The recommended charging time is 8 hours thereafter. When the charging indicator is red, your appliance is charging.
After every use you should clean the blades using the cleaning brush provided. If necessary you may also use a slightly damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning of the blades some models allow you to remove the blade completely.
On a purely performance level it is important that you lubricate the blades every 2/3 times the clippers are used. Use the lubricating oil supplied or a quality oil that contains no acid (e.g. sewing machine oil). Place a single drop on each end of the blade, operate the clippers for a few minutes and then wipe off any excess oil with a cloth.
Our clippers seldom require cleaning (unless they have been used on multiple people). The blades must be cleaned using the small brush after each use. Similarly, you can also use the small brush to remove hair from the comb.
No. For rechargeable models, you must use NiCd or NiMH rechargeable batteries. Do not use normal batteries, as they run the risk of melting.
A Class I appliance must be earthed (and has only one insulation layer). A Class II appliance does not necessarily have to be earthed because it has two distinct and independent insulation layers.
No. Our clippers can only be used on hair. Any other use may lead to the deterioration of the appliance or injury.
If the clipper is rechargeable, the battery will last for 40 minutes after a full charge.
The micro setting adjusting wheel lets you precisely adjust the cut length, thus providing an impeccable finish to hair or beard trims.
The various lengths are as follows:
Position 1 = 0.8 mm
Position 2 = 1.1 mm
Position 3 = 1.4 mm
Position 4 = 1.7 mm
Position 5 = 2.0 mm