Compact Power is a compact yet powerful heater, warming the area around you while saving space in your bedroom, living room or storage. Two heating positions provide maximum comfort, while a cooling fan option makes for a practical device all year long.

Référence : SO2210F0



Compact Power provides safe, powerful heat with minimium hassle thanks to its compact size (even further reduced by 15% compared to the previous model). With easily adjustable heating speeds up to 2000 W, its two heating positions allow you to switch between the min setting for prolonged use and the max setting for quick, highly powerful heating. For optimum comfort, its built-in thermostat regulates the room temperature so you don't have to.

Intended for year-round use, its cooling function turns the fan into a refreshing ventilator in warm weather, while its compact size and easy-to-carry handle make Compact Power particularly convenient to move or store.

Technical specifications / comparison

Type Classic fan  
Colours Dark grey/ Black  
Finishings Frosted  
Power 2000  W
Cool fan    
Room ideal size (m2) 25  
Pilot light    
IP 20  
Power cord length 1.4  m
Wall compatible / mountable NO  
Thermostat Mechanical  
Screen NO  
Noise level min 59  dB(A)
Voltage 220  V
Frequency 50  Hz



In the event of abnormal overheating, a sound alarm is activated, a light signal turns on and the electric power is cut off from the heating element. The device will turn back on as soon as it is reset to a normal position and after it cools down.
In order to protect piping during the winter, for example, when the thermostat is in the non-frost position and the temperature of the room is about 5°C (41°F), the device will turn on automatically. This position will keep the room temperature at about 7°C (45°F) (subject that the appliance power is adapted to the room space).
It is important to let the appliance cool before winding the lead. When you are not using your appliance, store it in a dry place.
Turn all the switches to the off position and unplug the appliance.
No, electricity consumption depends solely on the power of the heater.
The power level/heated area relation depends on the desired temperature, on the outside temperature and on the degree of insulation of the house. On average use the ratio 100W/m².
The motor of the fan heater operates without the heating element.
No. You must respect the safety measures regarding the use of a heater in a bathroom. You must check if the appliance is designed for use in any room of the house, including rooms where there is a risk of it being splashed with water such as kitchens or bathrooms, please refer to the use restrictions on the Instruction for use manual.