My best cleaning partner on hard floors!

Rowenta Smart Force™ Essential is an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner which attacks dust and dirt on hard floors. An automatic cleaning experience which is not only easy to handle, but promotes good level of cleaning performance. Qualitative technology combined with user-friendly interface features leading to satisfying results. A must for all hard floors.

Référence : RR6943WH



Rowenta Smart Force™ Essential, an automatic vacuum cleaner which combines qualitative technology, an active motorized brush and also lateral brushes

For a good cleaning experience and satisfying results, Rowenta Smart Force™ Essential, an automatic vacuum cleaner which combines qualitative technology, an active motorized brush and also lateral brushes, making it a great ally to pick up dirt and dust from hard floors. This easy to use vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 cleaning modes, Random zigzagging for complex areas and Random room mode where the robot zigzags during short fixed period of time, completed with the Edge mode which cleans wall and baseboard edges. This Robot promotes smooth and safe cleaning due to its secure navigation thanks to the combination of drop sensors, laser and bumper. This autonomous vacuum cleaner has a scheduling system with 7 programs per week , making the experience all the more comfortable. A self-running vacuum cleaner due to its remote or manual control, not to mention its self-charging system as it goes back to its docking station automatically.

Technical specifications / comparison

Technology Rotative central brush  
Type of brush Hair brush  
Lateral brush 2  
Motorization Universal motor  
Cleaning modes 3 cleaning modes : Random, Random Room, Edge  
Power levels 1  
Obsctacles management Frontal sensors  
Stairs management Yes: 3 drop sensors  
Virtual barrier Yes: 1  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Running time (min position) up to 150 mi  
Recharging time 6 h  
Recharging type Docking station  
Control system Yes: remote control  
Dust container capacity 0,25  L
Talking robot No  
Sound Level 65  dB(A)
Dimensions ( ...x...x...) 32,5 x 8  cm



Do not vacuum wet surfaces, any type of liquids, hot substances (embers, cigarettes), super fine substances (plaster, cement, ash, etc.), large sharp waste (glass), harmful products (solvents, abrasives, etc.), aggressive products (acids, cleaning products, etc.), inflammable and explosive products (oil or alcohol based).
Place the charging base station against a wall, on a flat surface and where the robot vacuum cleaner can easily find it.
This location must be free from any obstacles (including rugs). Leave at least 1 metre of space free to the left and the right and 2 metres at the front of the base station. If the station is placed in a corner or if it is difficult to find, the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to reach it.
Place the base station's power cable along the wall.
For more information, refer to the instructions in your user manual.
Leave the charging base station plugged in permanently (the automatic recharge function will not be available if the charging station is not activated).
Place the virtual barrier box about 30 cm in front of the place where you would like to limit access. Place it in the direction of the arrow where you wish to create the Virtual Barrier and make sure that there isn't anything blocking it in front. The opposite end of the virtual barrier box must be in contact with a physical wall. Keep the virtual barrier at some distance from the charging station (more than 3m). If the virtual barrier is installed near it, the signal from the virtual barrier blocks the charging station and the robot will not be able to return there.
Do not use more that two virtual barriers at the same time. Moreover, the use of several virtual barriers for a small surface area can cause the appliance to malfunction.
For more information, refer to the instructions in your user manual.
Do not use your appliance. In order to avoid any danger, you must have them replaced by an approved vacuum repair company.
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, do not touch the terminals. You must unplug the charging station and have it replaced by an approved vacuum repair company.
Empty the dust container into a bin after each use. Clean the dust compartment seals with a cloth.
You can perform the following checks:
Put the main power switch onto STOP and then onto START.
Unplug the cable and then plug it into the charging station again.
Make sure that the charging terminals and the sensor windows are not clogged up, then wipe the main body and the charging station with a dry cloth. Do not forget to switch off the main power switch and to turn off the robot before drying carefully.
Check to see if there is any obstacle such as a reflective object, a chair, etc. near the charging station.
If after these different checks, the automatic charging still does not work properly, have your robot vacuum cleaner checked by an approved vacuum repair company.
If the dust container is full.
The cleanliness of the filters.
If there is an object or rubbish which may be obstructing the suction hole underneath the robot.
The virtual barrier allows the robot's cleaning areas to be limited.