Secret of a GOOD HAIRCUT

Because it would be a shame to stop in the middle of a haircut because of a flat battery, make sure you do your prior preparation before you start.

Here is a useful summary of checks to make before you begin :

1. Check the battery and charge if necessary.

2.Before you begin, wash your hair and dry it in the direction of the desired final cut.

3.Protect your clothes Put a towel over your shoulders, like at the hairdresser.

4.Stand in front of a mirror if you are cutting your own hair - only do this if you have plenty of experience, or if somebody else cuts your hair, make yourself comfortable on a chair : they must be able to see the top of your head and any hollows and bumps towards the nape of the neck.

Relax and everything will go smoothly !

Action : Stepby-step haircut

The secret of a good cut is to position the trimmer at right angles to the skull with the teeth of the comb slightly upward and trim in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair. The most common procedure for a "classic" haircut is to use two comb sizes.

Start with the longest, then continue with a smaller comb for the neck and sides for example. During cutting, the electric trimmer must always be in motion.

Stop frequently to comb the hair and look at the job so far. Even it up if required.

During cutting, the accumulation of tiny hairs and whiskers may slow down the trimmer. Turn it off and use the brush to remove the biggest hairs.

Finally, use the scissors to tidy up around the ears, sideburns, neck. Don't forget to shave hairs growing in "abnormal" places, such as the small hairs on the neck for example, by selecting the smallest comb guide...

Perfectionists can also remove hair from the nose and ears using a nose or multi-purpose trimmer.
Clean finish guaranteed !

Special cases: for long hair, only use the larger sizes and use a comb with your hair trimmer.
For a wet shave you don't need a comb guide !

Electric hair-beard trimmers and shavers require minimal maintenance. Remember to alternate the charge-discharge cycles of battery models. Use the small brush to clean the trimmer head thoroughly after each use to prevent hair build-up reducing its effectiveness. After each use, oil the blade with the supplied lubricant.