Secrets for having a pleasant interior to live in

What does a comfortable home look like? A light-bathed interior, where it is not too hot or too cold, with purified air.

Our well-being, our health is at stake: respiratory allergies are constantly on the increase, frequently making a large dent in our wallets. For each of these elements, it is possible to optimize your comfort and sometimes even save on your energy bills. Here are a few secrets for a perfect, cozy nest.

of French are worry about their energy
about their energy consumption.

Hardly surprising when we know that reducing the
temperature by 1°C can save 7% of our consumption.

It’s not a question of shivering under three blankets
and wearing two jumpers whilst watching the TV either!

So, what is the right temperature?

Ideally between 17°C and 19°C,

with light variations: cooler in the bedroom if you have a good duvet and a bit warmer in the bathroom so you don’t catch cold when you get out of the shower.


Let the sun come in and chase away those winter blues!

It’s a well-known fact, we need light to recharge our batteries. This is why we can often experience considerable fatigue and low morale during winter.

In fact, 19% of the French population suffer from winter blues, and 75% of these are women. The explanation is simple: it is the retina which registers light during the day and regulates the sleep hormone, melatonin, at night.

A few simple things should help to brighten up your interior and your mood: play with light colors, glossy effects, mirrors, but also regularly clean the windows and opt for netting over blackout curtains. Choose a minimalist décor, use candles …

Air quality: we can breathe again!

We often tend to believe that air is less polluted in our homes than outside.
But that’s WRONG !

Hence we need to do certain things:

  • Don’t smoke inside, not even near a window

  • Avoid not only home fragrances and other incense

  • Avoid also allergenic plants or those requiring water

  • Hang your laundry up outside if possible

  • Air out all the rooms in the house every day for at least ten minutes

  • Regularly check aeration systems

  • Be careful about which cleaning products you use

Did you know? Air purifiers improve your home’s well-being

You can also opt for an air purifier. Preferably choose one with a efficient filtration system. Verify that the system is well sealed and that the air flow is suitable for the size of the room.

Finally, check the noise it produces: if over 40 decibels, you will definitely find it hard to get to sleep! The Intense Pure Air XL purifier from Rowenta incorporates a unique, ultra-efficient system which combines four levels of filtration to capture 99.98% of fine particles and removes formaldehyde, responsible for irritations, allergies or even asthma attacks and cancer.