Long lasting, pain-free epilation is possible with Rowenta

Baths, massages… Beauty rituals are synonymous with having a moment to yourself, exquisite tranquility and even sweet fragrances.

But there must always be an exception to the rule, and in this case, epilation fills this role. It must be said, in certain cases, the disadvantages add up: it’s time-consuming, not always effective and…painful. In a nutshell, planning to go on a hair removal spree requires psychological preparation and a lot of time.

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We have all tried different methods to get rid of undesirable hair.

There are various wax, honey and sugar techniques. Even if they are generally effective, they require a certain learning period and even some manual talent. Used too hot, these products burn the skin, whereas if too lukewarm, they don’t fulfil their function. Not to mention, you must then remove the residue. That’s where electric epilators come in. Practical and easy to use, they are designed to easily get rid of any unwanted hairs. The fact remains that eliminating hairs cannot be done without causing pain.

However, that was in the past. Rowenta uses different techniques so the “hair removal” operation can be done in complete tranquility.

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Firstly, there’s the Soft Extreme technique. It cunningly incorporates a Soft Sensation vibrating bar which desensitizes the skin before appeasing it with a flow of fresh air. Therefore, we trick the skin before comforting it, but it’s for its own good and for our well-being.

AquaPerfect Soft is another device designed from an observation: the skin is less sensitive and more supple under running water. Rowenta has therefore created an electric epilator which can be used in the shower or bath. Epilation is not only effective, but almost pain-free. Finally, and very importantly, using it under water can save time. Fresh and relaxed, you can then hydrate your skin and enjoy two or three weeks hair free.

For a longer lasting epilation, you should opt for light pulse epilators with IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Inspired by the accessories of beauty professionals, they don’t use mini tweezers but a light beam which targets and eliminates hair at the roots.

did you know ?

The epilators with IPS use a light beam which eliminates hair at the root.

To be more precise, it’s the hair’s melanin which attracts the flashes of light. These are therefore guided under the skin up to the hair follicle where they destroy it. As a light pulse epilator only gets rid of growing hairs, it is necessary to carry out several sessions at home to eradicate unwanted hairs. So, with gradual treatment over time, the skin feels smooth and soft. Whilst we can’t talk about permanent epilation, it is still a long term process which can last several years. Another advantage is that this technology does not damage the skin and it will not alter it. We can use it all over our bodies, including the most sensitive of areas. Finally, epilation treatment using an IPL epilator is totally pain-free.