The secret for not spending too much time, is re-gu-la-ri-ty ! If not looked after, a beard will quickly turn into a scruffy mess.

So about every 2 days, tidy it up in front of the mirror. With an electric trimmer (ideally a beard trimmer) and comb in your hand : ?go over it calmly, gently combing, then give it a fine trim... 5 minutes, no need for any more than that !

This regular maintenance will make all the difference. And for even more comfort, do not hesitate to moisturise your skin - and your beard - by applying a cream daily.

Are you sure you have the perfect electric razor or trimmer ?

Trimmer Expertise Guide

Get ready !

Before you start, make sure you have all the equipment you need: your electric trimmer - charged for at least 8 to 12 hours before first use - and its accessories, scissors, comb, bath towel and a mirror. Is everything ready ? Before you start the trimmer, read the instruction manual for your device and follow these tips.

Choice of comb guide

he comb guide, an attachment that clips onto the trimmer blade, is used to set the length of the cut. Which should you choose ? As a novice hairdresser-barber, don't take risks - start with the largest size.

After a first go you can try another comb guide so that you gradually find the cut you prefer. There are trimmers with adjustable combs. These are very convenient for adjusting cutting length with a single button without changing attachments.

Depending on the model, cut lengths range from 3 to 45 mm for hair trimmers and from 0.5 to 25 mm for beard trimmers.

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Depending on the model, you can use a waterproof or wet & dry trimmer in the shower. The basic principles are the same as for hair. Precision, calm and evenness !

Use your electric trimmer in the opposite direction of hair growth. Select a comb guide that looks close to the desired length, and test in an inconspicuous area. Repeat with successively finer comb guides if required.

Finish beards by trimming with small fine scissors around the ears or sideburns. Set the comb guide to 3mm for the famous "three day beard" effect If you want to totally remove all traces of hair on any area of the body, don't use a comb guide for a shave closer to the skin. Most waterproof trimmers can also be used for the body.

Electric hair-beard trimmers and shavers require minimal maintenance

Remember to alternate the charge-discharge cycles of battery models. Use the small brush to clean the trimmer head thoroughly after each use to prevent hair build-up reducing its effectiveness. After each use, oil the blade with the supplied lubricant.

A beard is good for your health

According to a study by the journal of Radiation Protection Dosymetry, beards stop 90% - 95% of solar UV.

Who would have thought that a beard can protect the face from sunburn and skin ageing ? But that's not all: whiskers also form a barrier against colds and other germs...

Finally, they keep you warm in winter... No more need for scarves!

The beard is primarily a question of look and style but we often forget that it also protects against certain types of external damage.