FLEX: The vacuum cleaner bringing performance where others are stopped*

The Air Force Flex cordless vacuum cleaner takes off-road performance to a new dimension. All the advanced technology of this new vacuum cleaner lies in its ingenious and flexible design, which reaches dust up to 5 times farther under low furniture with unsurpassed performance and agility, for cleaning made effortless! Combined with high suction power reaching 100 Air Watts, experience cleaning with no constraints, to capture dust in every corner and make cleaning your home faster than ever before.

Référence : RH9471WO

* thanks to Flex technology and slim suction head, vs rigid tubes


The AIR FORCE Flex cordless vacuum cleaner

Experience the Air Force Flex cordless vacuum cleaner, featuring an ingenious flexible tube that reaches up to 5 times farther under low furniture without ever bending over.

Track dust everywhere and achieve a spotless home in no time with high suction power of 100 Air Watts and a Lithium-ion battery boasting an impressive 35 minutes of autonomy.* Fast in straight lines and agile in corners, this cordless vacuum cleaner was built to impress, with unmatched performance and limitless attitude. The unique head—with LED lights that leave dust nowhere to hide—and integrated brushes cover every inch of your home, from floor to ceiling: parquet, tiles, carpets, under low furniture, and perfect navigation around fragile furniture. This model features an animal care kit, ideal for pet owners, including a mini electro brush and more. Reach out for adventure...!

Technical specifications / comparison

Cordless handstick category All in 1 handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Brushless motor  
Power speed position 2  
Your habits Easy, quick and daily cleaning  
Usage Multi-surface (3 in 1)  
Vacuum efficiency 3-4  
Suction power 4 (100 to <150 Airwatts)  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Voltage 21.9V  
Running time indicator 1  
Recharging time 3  
Recharging type Wall mounted base  
Running time (using the handheld on powerful standard position) 35  
Suction Head name Power Slim  
Vision System: 'LED lighting'    
Suction Head shape Rectangular  
Brush bar cleaning system    
Flexible crevice tool XL    
Mini Electro brush    
Sofa brush    
Easy brush    
Dust container capacity 0.65  L
Charging Base    
Extension wand accessory    
Handstick weight Standard (>3 kg)  
Sound Level 82  dB(A)
Weight without accessories 3  kg
Format Standard  
Colours White&Blue  
Animal care    
Car care    



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