*With a single head for all floors. Europe, september 2017



    Performance on carpet


    Performance on hard floors

  • Energy savings

  •   >99,99%



Ultra Silent

The most silent 4A+AAA performance vacuum cleaner 2
With only 66dB(A) on maximum position, Silence Force™ 4A+ is the quietest bagged vacuum cleaner providing high comfort in use.

a single brush that does it all!

No matter the floor, our new 3-position P3WER GLIDE brush allows for deep cleaning combined with perfect gliding in every situation. Even on high-pile carpet!


A silence block
equipped with an isolated
and suspended motor!

Vibrations are minimized thanks to the suspended motor and acoustic foam that 'absorbs' noise.


Only 64dB(A)
on the silent position!

Thanks to its silent position* at only 64 dB(A), you can even vacuum while your kids are napping.

* Depending on model(s)

Designed for Your comfort

  A compact version, for those little spaces  
  The new Hygiene+ bag has a self-closing flap to prevent dust from escaping  
  Accessories are always at hand with integrated storage  
  Adjust vacuuming speed from the handle  
at hand

Quickly change accessories to adapt to the surface you are cleaning thanks to quick access storage behind the vacuum.

4 multidirectional

The vacuum has 4 wheels that rotate 360° for infinite freedom of movement.

Select different vacuuming levels thanks to 5 different power settings! 3

Enjoy 5 power settings to
adapt the air flow to
the surface you are vacuuming.

To vacuum thick rugs and carpets with long threads.

To vacuum delicate fabrics (veils, curtains).

The best compromise between silence and high-performance vacuuming.

For daily vacuuming of all types of floors, rugs and carpets with fine or thick threads.

For vacuuming hard floors.

High Performance

The new Rowenta P3wer Glide Head has an exclusive triple position for high efficiency dust removal on all types of floors.
Silence ForceTM 4A+, discover our resistance tests conducted in Vernon (in Normandy, 70 km from Paris). Our experts at Rowenta have tested it for you.

Energy Efficiency

Less energy consumption and increased vacuuming performance

Delivering the absolute pinnacle of performance at a stunning level of comfort, Silence Force 4A+ provides all the convenience of a silent vacuum cleaner with ultimate cleaning results and A+ energy efficiency. The cutting-edge technology of the new EffiTech Motor system produces ultimate energy efficiency through greater dust pick-up with less energy use.


Since September 2014, small appliances must display the Energy Label indicating their energy consumption according to stringent criteria that apply to all brands. Recognized in 28 countries, it is a way for customers to compare different models.


Extreme filtration

Dust management is the third most annoying factor (after noise and cleaning performance). That's why Rowenta has created an easy and efficient dust management system.
Extreme filtration
for perfect cleaning

The Silence ForceTM vacuum cleaner has 3 levels of filtration that ensure a pure and clean air for perfect cleanliness.

Specifically recommended for people suffering from allergies, the new Hygiene+ bag has of 4 layers of varying density that hold nearly 99.99% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 micrometres*.

The Hygiene+ bag is so efficient, you won't even need to change the filter every year. You'll use it so rarely that there will be no need to clean or even replace it.

Equipped with an attached self-closing flap, there is no dust that escapes when changing the bag.

* Result of an indepedent test conducted by DMT laboratory (% of particles of 0,3 microns filtered according to the DIN 60312-1 standard).

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Ideal for
pet owners

Good news for pet owners! Choose between two specific accessories to catch all those lost pet hairs on cushions and floors: a mini and a maxi turbo brush.

It also features a special Hygiene+ anti-odour bag.

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The Range

Silence ForceTM 4A
Compact models
Silence ForceTM 4A+
Animal Care
3.5 L RO6493 EA   Ultimate performance and extreme silence within reach for an unprecedented cleaning experience.
Silence ForceTM 4A
Full Care
4.5L RO6486 EA   An improved level of silence with exceptional performance to clean deeply and even catch pet hair.
Silence ForceTM 4A
Compact full care
4.5L RO6391 EA   An improved level of silence with exceptional performance in a compact design to clean deeply and even catch pet hair.

Questions & Answers

What should I do when the full bag indicator is red?

The Silence ForceTM vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dipstick that shows whether the bag is full or not. Therefore, if the indicator turns red when the canister is on but the suction head not on the floor, you need to change the bag.

What kind of bags does the Silence ForceTM 4A work with? Where can I find them?

The two models of Hygiene+ bag by Rowenta are ZR200720 and ZR200520. Those two models are available from your reseller in authorized service centers.

Can I use another kind of bag with my Silence ForceTM 4A vacuum cleaner?

The usage of other types of bags can damage or reduce the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Hence, it is highly recommended to use the type of bags indicated (ZR200720 and ZR200520).

I cannot close the upper lid of my vacuum cleaner. What can I do?

This problem can occur for 2 reasons:
- There is no bag inside the vacuum cleaner. Use a Hygiene+ bag by Rowenta.
- The bag is not properly placed inside the vacuum cleaner. Make sure the ring of the bag is properly fixed on the ringplate of the vacuum cleaner.
Important: Never use the vacuum cleaner without a bag. Your appliance has a bag presence safety system to prevent the upper lid to close if there is no bag.

My vacuum cleaner's suction has been reduced, it makes unusual sounds and irregular or uninterrupted noise. What should I do?

This problem may occurr for different reasons:
- If an accessory or the tube is partially clogged, unblock it.
- If the bag is full, change it.
Check that there is a bag in the vacuum cleaner, and that it is properly placed in its compartment.
Check the filtration system. If it is saturated, clean the foam filter and the air filter exhaust.

How can I adapt the suction power of my vacuum cleaner according to the type of vacuumed floor?

The Silence ForceTM is equipped with a power control to adjust the suction power of your appliance according to the type of floor you are vacuuming. To vacuum thick carpets and rugs To vacuum delicate fabrics (net curtains, net fabrics).4 The best compromise between silence & performance. For daily cleaning of all types of thin carpet and rugs. To vacuum hard floors.

When and how should I use the accessories of my Silence ForceTM vacuum cleaner?

- For carpets and rugs: use the Deep Clean Head on the carpet position or the Turbobrush* for fibers and pet hairs;
- For smooth surfaces with or without gaps: use the Deep Clean Head on the hard floor position;
- For delicate floors such as parquet, it is recommended to use the parquet brush* ;
- For nooks and crannies: use the crevice tool;
- For furnitures and delicate surfaces: use the Easy Brush integrated at the tip of the handle or the uphostelry nozzle.
* Depending on models: this equipment is specific and optional to some models.

What should I do in case of dysfunction of my appliance?

If your appliance is damaged or in case of dysfunction, please contact an authorized service centre. Never disassemble your appliance by yourself. An appliance that is not properly fixed can present safety risks for its user. Repairs must be done only by professionals with original spare parts. Fixing an appliance by yourself can induce risks for the user, your guarantee would be cancelled.

1 The most silent bag vacuum fitted at its level of performance (4A EU Ecolabel - Sept 2015).
2 The quietest vacuum at its level of performance (AAAA according to EU Ecolabel).
3 Depending on model(s).

The most silent bag vacuum fitted at its level of performance (4A EU Ecolabel - Sept 2015).

With a single head for all floors. Europe, September 2017.

Depending on model(s).