Inspired by hairdressers, designed for you
The Rowenta Ultimate Experience rotating hot air brush is a compact 2-in-1 styling tool that lets you achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. This new and innovative tool puts tailor-made results within reach for the first time, with intuitive programs and settings for a variety of looks to suit your mood, and three expert brushes that cover all hair types.

Référence : CF9620F0

*external test carried out in 2019


The Rowenta Ultimate Experience rotating brush

Putting the full hairdresser experience at your fingertips, the Rowenta Ultimate Experience rotating brush is an exceptional styling tool that offers salon-level quality at home. The advanced Style Assist mode does the work for you, with automatic adjustment of settings for bespoke results styled to perfection: volume from roots to tip, silky smooth hair, and long-lasting shine. This compact 2-in-1 rotating hot air brush styles and shapes as it dries, with three expert brushes developed in collaboration with hairdressers to cover any nature of hair type: one for thin/flat hair, one for thick/dense hair, and one for bangs and improved fluidity down to the last detail. Enjoy that fresh-from-the-salon feeling every day, with a compact design and an intuitive feel.

Technical specifications / comparison

Power 630-750W  
Speed / Temperature settings 3  
Cool air shot    
Coating Ceramic  
Functions Heating, blowing and rotating  
Bristle types Natural  
Curl release function Not Applicable  
Multi diameter    
Shape Round  
Automatic rotation    
Accessories 1: 1 round brush 50 mm diameter for thick & unruly hair  
Accessories 2: 1 round brush 50 mm diameter for thin & flat hair  
Accessories 3: 1 round brush 38 mm diameter for short hair & fringes  
Efficient at low temperature    
Temperature settings according to hair nature    
Cool tip    
"Respect" temperature setting Not Applicable  
Silence Not Applicable  
Heating indicator Not Applicable  
Removable grid    
Hanging loop    
Brush cover    
Voltage 220-240  V
Type of heating element Ceramic  



This function neutralises the static electricity and should make your hair more elastic and easier to curl. In addition, your hair will be more shiny as dust cannot affix to it.
It is best to do this when the appliance is cold to avoid burns. Press the ‘tongues’ on the side of the plates and slide them out. When re-inserting the plates slide them as far as they can go and make sure they are properly engaged so that they stay securely in place.
When wrapping the hair locks around the appliance ensure to use the same section of the appliance, do not attempt to use its entire length. Hold the stay cool tip with your free hand.
The barrel section of the curling iron becomes very hot during use, so be careful to avoid contact with skin and make sure that the cord never comes in contact with hot parts of the appliance.
Once you have selected the required setting, you will have to wait between 1 and 2 minutes for the appliance to reach the right temperature.
Use the large-diameter brush for general styling and use the small-diameter brush for finishing touches (creating more exaggerated curls inward or outward).
Hair must be clean, detangled and dry to prevent damage.
Always unplug your appliance and let it cool on its safety stand. When it is perfectly cold wipe the barrel with a damp duster, never let any water or any other liquid inside the handle.
A Class I appliance must be earthed (and has only one insulation layer). A Class II appliance does not necessarily have to be earthed because it has two distinct and independent insulation layers.
No. Do not apply chemical hair care products while using the appliance, apply only after the hair has cooled and the crimper is no longer in use. Also do not use the appliance on synthetic hair such as extensions or wigs.
Yes. Place the hair in between the spoon and barrel at the hair root, then close the spoon thus locking the hair into place. Gently slide the straightening iron to the tip of the hair, this will result in smooth straight hair.
Yes. You have to wrap the hair around the appliance and wait for approximately 20 seconds before releasing the curl. Repeat this procedure several times and on all the hair. Do not brush your hair once it has cooled, as this will result in a more natural wavy look.
It is advisable to use locks that are no more than 2-3cm in width.