ROWENTA Silence Force Cyclonic 4A

Silence Force Cyclonic 4A

The most silent 4AAAA cyclonic vacuum cleaner, ever

Silence Force 4A is a bagless vacuum cleaner that combines exceptional cleaning performance with the comfort of extreme silence-in-use. New P3WER GLIDE 3-position head delivers 4AAAA performance on all surfaces, while enhanced ergonomics provide easier dust management and high-efficiency filtration captures 99.98% of dust.*

Référence : RO7623EA



Putting the best of both worlds at your fingertips, Silence Force 4A represents the absolute pinnacle of performance and comfort, with all the convenience of a silent vacuum cleaner and ultimate cleaning results.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is equipped with brand new P3WER GLIDE 3-position high-efficiency suction head that delivers 4AAAA cleaning results and effortless glide on any surface, from hard floors to low and high pile carpet. With straight A’s on the European Energy Label tests, performance is matched by enhanced ergonomics: the lock system provides effortless dust management, and a large easy-carry Ergo Comfort handle produces improved fluidity of movement and easy storage options. Advanced cyclonic technology completes the package, capturing 99.98% of dust.* All this, at a level of sound that barely rises over everyday conversation.

* With a single head on all floors. Europe, September 2017

* Dust reemission <0.02%

* Dust reemission <0.02%

Technical specifications / comparison

Type of technology bagless monocyclonic  
Energy efficiency class (from A+++ to D) A  
Dust re-emission (from A to E) A  
Dust pick-up performance on carpet (from A to F) A  
Dust pick-up performance on hard floor with crevice (A to E) A  
Level(s) of filtration 2  
Handle Ergo Comfort Silence handle with Easy Brush  
Maneuverability 1 x 360° wheels + 2 x large rear wheels  
Park system 1  
Maximum dust level indicator    
Transport handle    
Protection Front bumper  
Tube Telescopic metal tube  
Parquet Softcare nozzle    
Crevice Tool    
Upholstery nozzle    



The overheating protection breaker of your vacuum cleaner has been activated. You should clean the motor filter, change the microactive filter (according to model) and replace the dust bag or empty the dust collector. Then wait 30 minutes before starting your appliance again.
Pull it out completely and press on the cord rewind switch; if the issue is still present contact an authorised service partner.
It could be due to several causes:
• Vacuum flow is blocked: Check the tube, the nozzle and the hose,
• The container or bag is full, change it or clean it (depending on model),
• The filtration system is clogged up, clean or replace it,
• The crosshead regulator is on open position, close it.
If the issue is still present contact an authorised service partner.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
The electro-suction brush is a motorised rotary brush, which gives you high efficiency in cleaning for removing thread, hair and pet hair etc embedded in carpets.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.